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Cloud telephony transformed the way companies use business communication platforms, and with it, enhanced their offering and make efficiency savings through the adoption of new technology. Industries adopting cloud-based business communication platforms have seen a reduction in their operating expenses, increased their bottom line, and helped provide exceptional customer support to their customers.

Track and nurture customers on every point of their journey with your brand.


Deliver Better Customer Experience To Buyers

Now service and assist your customers throughout their journey on your e-commerce portal. Our solutions allow you to design customer journeys with custom workflows. Assist customers from initial discovery to purchase, feedback, and support in a seamless manner.

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Build Lasting Relationships & Handle Large Call Volumes

Build relationships with patients and handle large call volumes for your healthcare service without scaling resources by using our cloud telephony solutions. Self-help IVRs allow the caller to book an appointment, know the status of tests done, request sample collection, and enable field staff to contact the customers without revealing their number.

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Hospitality & Travel

Scalable Sales & Support Platform For Customer Engagement

Customer experience can make or break the brand reputation for travel and hospitality companies. Digital transformation across the industry led to the enhancement of contact center software, which still is a critical step to remain competitive. Now, it’s easier to deliver the level of connection and engagement that consumers expect.

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HR Recruitment

Automate Basic Processes To Save Valuable Recruiter Time

Streamline HR and recruitment processes by designing workflows to automate repetitive tasks. Allow recruiters remotely working to continue with outbound and inbound calls from their mobile without revealing numbers with a call masking feature. Automatic call recording to track & optimize training and performance.

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Reduce Operational Expenses & Improve Delivery

Now experience higher on-time deliveries, while reducing operational costs and increasing profit margins for your business. Benefit from our cloud telephony features such as self-service IVRs, real-time notifications & delivery time validation. Deploy missed call-based service feedback and speedy redressal with the help of voicemails.

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Online Education

Handle Inbound Calls Efficiently From Leads

By partnering with Callifony, you can boost student enrollments by 50% and increase ROI on advertising by 60%. Optimize and enable counselors working remotely to continue with outbound and inbound calls. Decision-makers have access to more than 50+ reports to see important KPIs for their teams.

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Boost Business & Support From Our IVR Platform

As startups begin their journey into the business world, they are very cost-conscious. We help startups communicate efficiently with their customers and provide the best tools to their business teams leading to the growth of the business. Use call automation on the website to help convert browsers to customers.

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2000+ Customers, 20+ Industries,
200+ Countries, 700+ Networks.

We are a leading business communication provider, helping deliver voice and messaging communication services for customers and leading to faster resolution across our customer engagement products, allowing companies to create happy conversations and loyal customers. Our robust products provide valuable customer insight for your marketing campaigns and help you streamline internal teams to give the best user experience to your customers. Supercharge your sales & support team with a remote-ready solution. IVR, Virtual Numbers, Cloud cloud, Hybrid or On-premise Call Center, Speech to Text, Text to speech, Chatbots, and Messaging are just some our robust solutions.

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