Remote Working

Fully Featured Remote Ready Communication Platform

Employees receive greater flexibility and mobility by having a company phone and number they can carry anywhere, while IT professionals gain total management visibility and control over the phone services of remote workers when they use our cloud telephony solutions. Furthermore, all-inclusive billing eliminates separate landline prices, while cloud telephony lowers long-distance call costs.


Cloud Telephony Solutions For Call Tracking

Our cloud telephony systems for remote teams are essential for ensuring business continuity. This is feasible thanks to the functionality that virtual phone systems provide.

Monitor & Track Calls

Like any responsible business owner, it is natural for you to be wary of how your team is performing remotely. Our cloud telephony solutions come equipped with real-time call monitoring which helps you track and train agents in real-time.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR is available in our cloud telephony systems to greet callers and send them to the correct department or person. Callers can dial digits to contact the specified department or agent using the touch-tone feature.

Hassle-Free Integrations

Business tool integrations not only save you time and effort by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between your phone and your business tools. It also ensures that remote teams work together more smoothly. This, in turn, helps to boost business productivity.

Easily Route Calls

With our call routing capabilities, call handling for remote teams becomes a lot easier. Using automatic call distribution to distribute incoming calls to the most idle agent. If no agents are available, the call is queued and will be answered as soon as one becomes available. Customers’ experiences are significantly enhanced via queue callbacks.

Why Choose Callifony’s Cloud Telephony Solutions ?

Avail 24×7 Support

Responsive support teams are committed to assisting our customers and are available round-the-clock via phone, live chat, or emails.

Business Communication Platform

Use a single business communication platform to engage with your consumers using numerous features while analysing all your information on one channel. CRM integration with leading CRMs to access all of your information.

Increase Security

It is critical for businesses to keep customer and employee information secure at all times. You can get high-level and industry-grade security for your business with our advanced telephony solutions.

Scale Based On Your Need

You may quickly increase your business and communication demands on our smart technology platform without any limitations or restrictions because no complex hardware is required.

Build Customized Solutions

For greater interactions and engagement, our platform allows you to effortlessly customise and personalise your responses and campaigns based on your clients.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions For Remote Working

Access To Call Handling Tools

Access To Call Handling Tools

Our remote-ready business communication solution provides agents with every call handling tool for delivering better calls.

Communicate Using Call Masking

Communicate Using Call Masking

Communicate with leads without revealing your mobile numbers using call masking features, get real-time call recordings.

Use Multiple Virtual Numbers

Use Multiple Virtual Numbers

Choose from multiple DID numbers to connect with your candidates and route calls from various cities to a single location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IT experts are struggling to handle the rapidly expanding number of virtual workers as the workforce evolves. Our cloud-based phone system is designed from the ground up to do what an on-premise system can’t: provide direct access for employees who work outside of their primary offices.

In the sector of telecommunications, security is a major worry that will only grow in importance as a company’s ability to operate grows. A cloud-based solution gives IT more security control and, if necessary, complies with audits and compliance needs like mandated call tracking.

Yes, we offer free demos to ensure you’re aware of the benefits of our services. To get your free demo, contact us today.