Call Tracking

Get Detailed Call Tracking For Every Customer Interaction

Get a detailed call tracking solution for business leads using our platform. Choose from our local DID number pool and set up call forwarding and routing quickly and easily. Improve sales conversion by having access to accurate and complete calling reports.


Cloud Telephony Solutions For Call Tracking

On our unified engagement platform and the myriad of features we offer, you can easily track calls to measure performance, customer feedback and ROI, which allows you to improve your campaigns for better outcomes.

Assign Calls With Accuracy

You can determine the specific call source — campaign, search, social, landing page, content, keyword, or display ad — without paying a high cost with our cloud telephony solutions.

Seamless Call Routing

With our cloud telephony solutions, you can effortlessly control your inbound calls, thereby increasing the conversion rate of calls to revenue. Moreover, as you offer less waiting time and the right agent, you get the opportunity to ‘wow’ new customers right from the first call.

Access Detailed User Log

After the call, you can access real-time information, call recordings, and call logs to ensure you obtain real-time feedback and insights.

Why Choose Callifony’s Cloud Telephony Solutions?

Avail 24×7 Support

Responsive support teams are committed to assisting our customers and are available round-the-clock via phone, live chat, or emails.

High Uptime

With our advanced solutions, we ensure that you get a high uptime rate, especially with the inclusion of features like automated failover and zero maintenance windows.

Scale As Per Your Requirement

Extend the product and platform to additional markets as needed, with flexible localization and compliance options.

Get Access To Multiple Channels

With Callifony, you get access to a host of channels to engage and communicate with your customers, including voice, SMS, chat, two-factor authentication, and more.

Complete Transparency

At Callifony, we make sure that all of our services are geared on assisting our customers. As a result, you’ll be able to get to market faster thanks to low prices, free support, and the ability to scale up or down without any difficulties and complete transparency.

Business Communication Platform

Use a single business communication platform to engage with your consumers using numerous features while analysing all your information on one channel. CRM integration with leading CRMs to access all of your information.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions For Call Tracking

Long Virtual Number List

Long Virtual Number List

Choose virtual numbers for your inbound or outbound call campaigns from our broad pool of available DID numbers.

Handle Multiple Calls

Handle Multiple Calls

Handle large call volume easily with concurrent call capacity, see IVR drops or missed calls on portals.

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

Get access to a real-time dashboard and gauge the performance of campaigns to analyze and track information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call tracking allows you to assess the success of various marketing strategies. Use our APIs to keep track of call volume and length, as well as who called and what was said.

Call monitoring provides a wealth of data that may be used to calculate your actual return on investment for various marketing strategies. Using trackable phone numbers might offer you a better picture of which advertising are bringing in the most money.

Yes, we offer free demos to ensure you’re aware of the benefits of our services. To get your free demo, contact us today.