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Boost Inbound Lead Conversion

Deploy Innovative Lead Generation Tools For Your Business

Using our advanced and technological cloud telephony solutions, you can seamlessly identify and nurture potential prospects, automate the sales and lead creation process on a unified communication platform. Moreover, you can track, qualify, and interact with data-driven leads, you can provide exceptional customer experiences while also expanding your sales funnel. Our platform allows you to provide individualised experiences to your customers, boost your sales, capture quality leads and increase revenue.

Efficiently Manage Your Leads

At Callifony, we provide you with tools needed to conduct effective lead management of potential prospects, including all call records and insights analytics reports, as well as telecaller tracking.

Support Inbound and Outbound Calls

Customize IVR flows, link with popular CRMs, and use simple APIs to better serve clients and manage teams in the cloud using our simple to use and easy to setup cloud telephony solutions.

Get Access To Virtual Numbers

At Callifony, you get access to Local and international numbers, as well as universal CRM integration and intelligent call routing. Using these solutions, you can handle several calls while monitoring them in real-time and gaining valuable insights.

Speech Analytics For Better Insights

To comprehend every customer sentiment, transcribe all customer calls and extract relevant data in real-time from several languages.

Message Customers For Engagement

Use our platform to communicate crucial information to clients and customers. Moreover, using our automated SMS service, you can reach out to a larger audience with a higher rate of engagement.

Fast Customer Response Via Miss Calls

Our Missed Call solution allows the target audience to leave a missed call on a specific number, which benefits in lead generation.