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Automate Outbound Marketing

Outbound IVR To Engage Customers With New Offers and Reminders

Extract surveys and feedback from your consumers using automated phone calls, and compile all critical information acquired from surveys for future service development. For simplicity of use and smooth operation, enable automated SMS and phone blasts, reminders, and follow-ups on your system. On our unified engagement platform, you can conduct cost-effective surveys, get faster feedback, and evaluate customer attitudes.

Use Chatbots For Better Efficiency

Use our cloud telephony solutions to enable voice bots and chatbots to communicate with customers on their preferred channels in a proactive manner.

Use Speech Analytics To Derive Insights

To understand your customer’s sentiment, use our advanced telephony platform to transcribe all customer calls and extract valuable insights in real-time from multiple languages.

Quality Control Tools

Use our cloud telephony solutions to reduce caller churn by monitoring staff in real-time and providing support with tools like call whispering and barging, as well as many more.

Use Virtual Numbers

Local and international numbers, as well as universal CRM integration and intelligent call routing are all part of our advanced cloud telephony solutions. This allows you to handle several calls while monitoring them in real-time and gaining valuable insights.

Number Masking For Privacy

Our cloud telephony solutions enable you to hide agent and customer numbers to ensure data privacy on both sides while using the click-to-call widget.